The next day's first briefly enters the city of Bolu. My Navi from the highway on byways redirects me to Bolu. And you are really beautiful. My road leads me through wide, wonderful landscapes and glorious, sunny valleys. Everything is somewhat dusty and dry, but still has its charm.


And when I make me just my way across the dusty dirt roads, something out of the bushes jumps at once. Oh, just a dog, I notice after the first shock. But this dog keeps schwanzwedelnd on me. Fond of animals as I am, I can of course not differently, as to brake and to pet the dog. The dog is of course super and thus will he just let me go. When I want to go further after a quarter of an hour, he starts therefore to run next to me. Or rather to jump next to me. To jump and shout, to have joy, finally found a new Pack. Rarely I have seen such a happy dog and his mischievous Romp brings me to the grin.


But it is time for the first education act fast. The dog always barks the cows, which we pass. Probably out of fear. I cast out the whole him, by I bespritze it with water when he barks. Once that is cleared up, I think about what I might call him. Because it's a female, I find quite suitable Rosalie.


Four whole hours Rosalie follows me. We have lot of fun and I enjoy it once again to have support, even if it's just a dog. But after four hours the reality catches up me. In the near future, I will turn from the romantic paths on a better busy main road. If Rosalie should not end as the road surface, it is unthinkable then take it with me.

But how do I get rid back them? Yes, that's a good question. Scare away? Nil! Rosalie don't know what I want, when I'm trying to scare them away. Next option is: gas type. I race down the slopes so a monkey pace, landing almost in the ditch and the whole thing just to the next climb to discover two puzzled guckende dog eyes in the rearview mirror.


So the hunt continues, up to the last Hill before the main road. My last chance. The last Hill is a lot higher than the previous. I am so on the top of the mountain, kucke Rosalie one last time in the eyes (well, at least I hope that), Cliff me in my pedals an and then we go. As performed by the devil, I'm getting in the pedals and accelerate down the slope. After a short time, I race in a village and Wham! I lose control almost on my bike and hit me almost. What is that? A hole in the road! Who digs the holes in the road please? Apparently, the inhabitants of the village have great pleasure, because the whole village with holes in the streets is dotted with! Cursed and sewed up! Even Rosalie has caught me up now again, of course.

But the Hill is Yes not to end. Two-thirds still me. So once again: give gas. And this time it seems to be working. I'm looking around and look through two desperate puppy-dog eyes. Rosalie's legs trying to wear them, as they come so quickly. Faster and faster, but it's not fast enough. You look at me, will hear a whining bark, tries to prevent the inevitable. The loss of her new Pack. I'm around the next corner. The picture broke my heart. I reach down and this time nothing more is to see a Rosalie. Reluctantly, I continued my way on the main street is not so busy as thought. I continue slow, because I secretly hope Rosalie could beat me yet again. I never see her again. I'm sorry Rosalie, but our friendship had just no future. Anyway thank you for the great afternoon.




Date: 16. September 2015

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