After five months, it is now so far. The pilot, in which I sit, immersed in a cloud. Jerky briefly, then we break out of the cloud cover and frees up my view of a very special country: India.

Much I have heard of this country. One hates or loves, it says. Or to do both. It should be one of the most difficult countries to wheel travel with.

I am still curious. Looking forward to what awaits me. Curious whether I'm up to India. Looking forward to India in all its facets.


Gently, we put up on the tarmac. I planned to drive 3000 km in this country. Daring? With security.

Since my bike is still well packed in a cardboard box, I have to build it together only once. I have airport employees have an appropriate place, then I start. People around the comic Westerners who came with a bike from the airport join more and more quickly. It should be my right, because so do I get a little assistance when assembling and am ready to go in no time.

And you go into the fray. To get to my hotel, I have to go back four kilometres on the main road in Chennai. And after the first minute is clear, the traffic is chaotic than anything I've seen so far. That sounds but worse than it is. For me, the whole thing is just the crowning, in other countries, traffic was also bad. What, however, correctly skin me at the first time of the socks, is a cow, which peacefully browsing stands in the middle of the highway. I've heard already, but it's a highway!

K1600_DSCN4114 K1600_DSCN4116

My hotel for the night is quite pleasant. Warning me called in the early hours of the morning again in the memory, that I'm careful what I take to me, as in the other room, you threw up another guest the soul from the body.

Today is Christmas. This is certainly the most unusual Christmas so far for me. Because I could see my uncle in Sri Lanka, I have to at least a few Christmas cards and a gift can unpack. Some home in the distance.

Then I have to go but, it is already late. And so it goes for the second time in Indian traffic chaos. I follow the busy main road for 20 km. Then I turn on a side road and it becomes significantly quieter. The road makes all honor their names soon because after a few kilometers I drive on a bumpy dirt road and the first Indians think, I would have lost.

K1600_DSCN4126 K1600_DSCN4133

I'm traveling this road for a while, as I reach a small village. At once increases the lovely scent of incense sticks in my nose and a strange singing in my ears. I follow back to their origin and stand before a small temple or shrine. I'm approaching and kindly welcomed. UM I around him is a lot of Indians, claps and recited. All eyes are on a white-haired man, who represents the Centre of the ritual my opinion. After a while, he gets up and the Indian press him money in the hand. An Indian woman begins with good English interested in turn to me and I have to explain myself. How do I get? Where do I go? The amazement is written many in the face.

K1600_DSCN4137 K1600_DSCN4139 K1600_DSCN4141 K1600_DSCN4142 K1600_DSCN4143 K1600_DSCN4149 K1600_DSCN4151

After the end of the ritual, there is a rice dish. From a huge pot, everyone gets a big pile on his plate. Also I will cordially invited. Great, because I have even not much food.


After dinner, I'm back on my way. It goes on along very small streets of tiny villages to tiny villages, lakes, meadows and forests. The air is fresh and good.


As it is already on 17:00, I reach a small village. My legs feel tired and so I decide to keep an eye out here after an overnight accommodation. I find a small church and I think that can leave at Christmas but no Christians out there. I am so at least on paper. However, nobody is straight at home.

For this again forms a group around me. As they understand my problem, they try to find de pastor, and unsuccessful, they organize other accommodation me. I can sleep in the Mayor's Office.


Among the young men are also Christians and as I said, I'm also Christian, they report very proud tonight would be fair. Crap. How do I get out there again? I have no desire to trade fair. Ultimately, I declare that I am too tired and now must go to sleep. They are somewhat puzzled, but I sleep alone. Where on the evening again and again people want to appear and see me. Hello! I want to sleep!

The next day we continue, this time on some larger streets. In the morning, I come at one another, but this time big temple. Unfortunately, it is reachable only by stairs and I want to leave my bike unattended.

In front of the temple are several young mothers and children. You make a very poor impression quite dirty, and some of the children running around naked. Two of the mothers look very young, they could be loose at my age. I'm trying to think in such situations in their lives. What makes you get up in the morning and what makes it move forward?

Throughout the day, it continues through the rural India. In a small village, I am invited to a few rice buffer. The landscape sometimes almost looks like ours, when you drive through an avenue of trees, this could be sometimes Germany. At some point, but then again, Palm trees break the image.

K1600_DSCN4183 K1600_DSCN4193 K1600_DSCN4197 K1600_DSCN4203 K1600_DSCN4206 K1600_DSCN4213 K1600_DSCN4217

In the evening, I go to Chepot, a small town. I'm asking local residents for a guesthouse or similar, you mean but they did not have such a thing. There I behold two bell towers from a distance. These towers are from a large church and me fight my way to the rectory. There, I ask for a place to sleep and become a billeted by the Supreme priest in a bed and breakfast. He can speak even german because he has completed his education in Germany and drives again to Germany. So, we have dinner and chat a bit.

The next morning, I then continued my way. My aim is Tiruvannamalei.


Date: 23rd 2015-25. December 2015

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