5 days, 600 kilometres and less than 5 euro. So the challenge is called the next day. In Shiraz, I and Jacob have gotten not our visa extension and so we must quickly leave the Iran. Also I get around 4.5 euros, because I wanted to change money again. So everyone free calorie counts. In any case, it will be a challenge and we are curious to see whether we can meet it.

The launch runs fine once. A few kilometers after Shiraz we are stopped by two fruit traders and they are so enthusiastic that they give us both an Apple and a Kaki. After a few more kilometres still a head of lettuce and four carrots are added. As we nice smile an onion traders, he gives us eight bulbs.


At the next gas station asks Jakob one with apples fully loaded pickup, whether it because like give us something. With four apples richer we scrounge up two flat breads at the filling station restaurant us.

So we enjoy a salad carrots onion Dada which I devour in tears as onion is but slightly bad high at midday. Then my esophagus Burns though and I have stomach pain, regret, that I've exchanged more money, I'm not but still. The challenge is fun.

In the afternoon, even the dessert is delivered to us. When a policeman stops us, the policeman offered us cookies. ACH…die Iranians and their hospitality. I find on the thing with the cookies our police could take is an example.


Later, I find even a pomegranate and a Mandarin, which probably fell off the truck at the roadside. Class!

In the next village, we buy then for 60 cents each flatbread. And as we drive out of the village, rises again to double our calorie account. On two Obsständen we are stopped and because we so cute smile and take pictures with them, they give us a big bag with a kind of green Tangerine, pomegranates and dates each. Starving we don't so.


Even the evening once again with a surprise waiting for us. We pass a station of the Red Crescent and wondering whether we could stay. In addition to an accommodation, they serve us even a great dinner of potato pancakes with vegetables and bread.


The next morning, breakfast then consists of the Obsttüten by yesterday afternoon. The whole thing is quite tasty, just the Green Mandarin kind consists mostly of water. So how stupid I jump after the toilet.


Around noon, we meet two more cyclists. A rarity in the Iran and so they invite us to her house one, on a couple of tangerines and oranges.


For lunch, there are a few flatbreads with dates. Over lunch it is really hot, and right now we have up to a pass. Even the animals seek shelter from the heat.


On the other side of the pass, we are stopped by a car and get more of the Green tangerines. This food we then at a lunch-time snack. A dog sits a bit away next to us and watched us eat. I'm thinking. We get so much presented by the Iranians, but this poor dog must fight it hard for his food. I give him a flatbread, but the big black eyes of the dog to induce me to give him yet another and then another. I love dogs.


In the evening, we then find a good place for camping in a small artificial forest next to a gas station. We have left still soy protein and onions and so we cook a soy meat mush.

With this quite well but tastes, at least better than the breakfast the next morning. As we try to make a porridge made from oatmeal powder and water. That the Oatmeal powder has not found its way out of my pockets in my stomach since Turkey has its reason. It tastes awful and the mush that is coming to the boil out, does it also. Bah!


For lunch I have a flat tire then. Burning the Sun from the sky, not a tree in sight. And then it goes in the heat even more uphill. I am similarly unnerved after that.


Regarding free calories today saw something from Mau. Since it comes just at the right when we are invited by an Iranian family for a picnic. Hungry we plaster all they put before us and at the end we get even more dates and Knabberzeug.


When it gets dark we find an abandoned house somewhere in the nowhere. So certainly this accommodation may not sound, as one half of the ceiling is already collapsed. Since the other ceiling collapsed on some other day, we calculate the probability 1/364. What do you also so long in high school? The risk is acceptable.


So right can I sleep in the open cabin but not. Something crawls around constantly. A mouse? A rat? Or is my imagination with me?

Despite the fatigue, it goes to the next morning then at 5:00 in the morning. So we can start at 6:00. We thought about that, that we could shorten the five days to four days, if we today create 200 kilometers. Realistic? My largest day was 140 kilometers so far. But who wants to be really realistic? Flat.


Our project runs but surprisingly well. Despite the rise and little tailwind we move forward quickly. We don't break, once we buy some bread for 30 cents. The bread is eaten but then on the bike. So we did already 150 kilometers at noon and hold a 24.5 km/h average speed. Because I want to give here once again: this is the average speed! In the plane, we had to have kept such as 30 km/h.

Unfortunately that's enough after 150 km then with funny, because when we the coast reach, blows us fierce headwind to the ears. And also my legs start much tweaking. Whether the whole thing was a good idea? But who wants to be really useful? Flat.

We keep still by and as the wind realizes that he can't stop us, he sometime supports us and we have the last few kilometres tailwind. So we reach the 200th kilometres just outside of town. Hooray!


But still 30 kilometers in the city are added. If someone at kilometer 150 would have told me that I drive 80 more werde…das is usually a day tour. Anyway, we break any personal records and now I can proudly say that I drove 230 kilometers. Important? Rather not. But nice anyway.


Bandar Abbas, it then goes to Dubai. Here I planned my India visa. Unfortunately it can only-based and so I go further to Sir Lanka. There the India visa works without a problem. Then, I use the waiting time visiting elephants. And my uncle travels on business incidentally right now to Sri Lanka. So I get also supply of patches, tire and fruit slices (Jey!).



That was only the first half of the trip. Much I have experienced, learned a lot, and written a lot about it. If I would again make ABI, I would again break up with the wheel. That's for sure. What however is not certain is what I will experience in the next few months. This story is written yet and she starts with India. I hope you are excited, it's me.


Date: 18. November 2015-22. November 2015

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