Whole 10 days I stay in Tiruvannamalei. Five times longer than planned. But I like it so well and I'm lucky even with accommodation, because I am invited.


At some point it must go then but also times again on and so I'm starting on the eleventh day with a little melancholy in the heart and the aim of Krishnagiri. This is the nearest larger town, about one hundred kilometres away. Throughout the day this journey turns out as a single force. I'm still not correctly in cycling and must buy the last kilometers quite me.

K1600_DSCN4308 K1600_DSCN4319 K1600_DSCN4327 K1600_DSCN4333 K1600_DSCN4335

Exhausted, I think five kilometers before my goal at the edge of the road. An Indian is attention to me and speaks to me. I ask him whether I could camp in his garden and he agrees. Class! So I have a safe place for the night and get to eat and drink.

K1600_DSCN4351 K1600_DSCN4352 K1600_DSCN4355

You'd think a Happy ending. Not quite. I pay for the free water the next day with strong stomach pains. You not only hurt, but weaken me enormously. And so I crawl, bad-tempered, at snail's pace on the landscapes.

K1600_DSCN4368 K1600_DSCN4370 K1600_DSCN4372

Only a village Festival, which I stumble at random, loosens my day a little. In that village, the entire village community has gathered them wild and gackernd. You drive bulls on the main square and begin then to drums that the bullshit panic through the streets towards the village lawn in a volume. The village youth behind, to catch the bull again. What a life as a sacred animal.

K1600_DSCN4385 K1600_DSCN4389 K1600_DSCN4394 K1600_DSCN4396 K1600_DSCN4403

In the late afternoon, the State of the road is then getting worse. On sandy slopes goes up steep hills. Exhausted and ready I arrive in a remote village. A few young men offer me a seat in a small temple. Fully finished, I stare into the air and think about it, where I sleep today. The young men seem me doing not much help.

K1600_DSCN4417 K1600_DSCN4420 K1600_DSCN4422

At this moment you should see an Angel in the form of an older man. He is the first who asks how it's done me and not only how much is my bike. I declare that I am completely finished, because I had to fight the whole day with stomach pain. To my surprise, understands, and he speaks relatively good English. He says I should not worry, he will get me a cup of tea, then to eat something now and today I could stay with him.

Said and done. I get a cup of tea for the first time. I will be a lawyer in the evening for dinner. He speaks better English. I tell him about my experiences of the last few months. Totally excited he writes me affiliated official letters of recommendation.


Later it takes it back to the House of older men. The House is very easy. A closed room and bathroom, the rest is open on one side. Instead of a stove, there is a fireplace in the House. To not to be slashed by mosquitoes, I build up my inner tent.

A Happy ending? Almost. In the evening, the temple priests at once turn up their music. And with a volume that each party, however, is a no brainer. Any singing voices sound through the streets and I wonder just need to me in my sleeping bag, why Indians were everywhere one on it. Already the muezzin has annoyed me when he took me out of bed and here you don't even let into me in the springs.

At least a little compensation waiting at the nächsteb morning. My older host has made hot water over the fire. In the bathroom I can wash me so. Here, I use a small cup to pour the water over me. Somehow I like this simplicity.

Then I'm the lawyer even for breakfast. He discourages me from my current route and reported Ashram me a Sai Baba near the city of Bangalore. I don't think that my route is dangerous because but lately the target Rismikesch has replaced the joy on the way there, I agree.

The older Mr asks me at our farewell to a few rupees, because he would like to smoke. Because he is poor and yet so nice and helpful, I give you something it only too happy. I must give him about 70 cents, but more is too much for him.

Today, the joy of travel comes back again. I have a tummy ache and my legs just so bursting with strength. A phenomenon that I've often watched with me. After a break, I need only two days to get back.

It passes through beautiful landscapes on road traffic moderate to little. From lunch, I'd also constantly at brick factories. Miles only brick distilleries along the way.

K1600_DSCN4438 K1600_DSCN4462 K1600_DSCN4466 K1600_DSCN4471

I sit down to lunch with a watermelon under a tree. Unfortunately I'm not long alone, quickly I company of three curious in Indians. One of the Indian shows on a hollowed-out watermelon half and says to me, I'd have that on my head set, that would be refreshing. There he should do time no compulsion, I give him the watermelon. Well, and the Indians? He takes the half watermelon and inverts it up over the head! It's tearing me it almost. He looks so fertile stupid so. I must pull myself together incredibly, so that I don't fall into in thunderous laughter.


In the evening, I reach the Ashram. I'm headed to the reception and ask for a room. Under a thick pair of glasses two suspicious eyes see musternd me. An elderly gentleman gives me the answer that they would give it only for religious purposes. I would quickly add that I travel from Ashram to Ashram. Not really convinced and somewhat hesitantly he granted me the room and I book for two nights. Since most of the rooms are empty I kinda wonder that they are so strict on the religious purposes. The next day I then also really good use for religious purposes and look at me the latest Star Wars part at the cinema.

In the evening I stripe a little in the area near the Ashram around and find a man who can weld with sunglasses. First he looks for me like the coolest Pike under the stars, then I think to myself but that he probably has no money for proper protection. Ultimately he I'm really sorry.

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