The next morning, I wake up and hear the patter of raindrops on my tent tarp. Na super! I wait a while till the rain for the first time gives peace and pack up my stuff. The rainfall is not long but quiet. When I'm on the weather varies between shudder and shake until drizzle and dribble. Just dry, it almost never is. Also, it is getting colder. This is there a problem if I pause briefly, my sweat is soon so cold, that I'm starting to freeze right.


But not everything is so bad. In addition to this whole unpleasantness, I miss almost the beauty that surrounds me. I'm breaking through romantic road on a small over and Green Valley. A small River meanders from the mountains towards the sea, its waters are dark brown, upset by the many rain of the last few days. And on the streets, drag left and inexpressible alone herds along. Sometimes even without visible Shepherd and I wonder how you can distinguish who owns what cow.


The day, it's only slightly uphill, first towards evening rises the road then suddenly steep, at 900 meters. I'm already exhausted and that gives me almost the rest. Thank God I have a little baby food and so the last meters are Powerd on baby food today.


After the climb, I reach a village called Khulo. I check in the only best hotel there. When the rain I sleep not out today, I don't want to go further tomorrow in my wet clothes. The hotel is relatively small and is led by a constantly zankendem couple.

What I've noticed in retrospect today is that I miss something the hospitality of the Turks. There it was almost constantly addressed or invited on a Cay. Here in Georgia, people are somewhat more restrained, not unfriendly, but not as open. Well, in the Iran will again turn 180 ° the whole thing.

The next day, I got the aim to cross the pass. But a stone in the way will put me first. I have my first plate. Damn it! I'm fixing the whole thing on a garage, there is a good air pump. On the one hand, it is great, that my first plate after 4,000 kilometres, on the other hand moves so the aim today to create the passport in the distance. As I've fixed everything it's already 12:00.


Then, I have to look just how far I come today. I eat just a small restaurant for lunch, then I'm leaving. I was already announced that the road becomes worse after Khulo. But so bad, as I find them I didn't expect it.


Said Street's is from Khulo namely a mud track, softened by rain several days and with louder potholes overlooked. And there are still 38 kilometres from Khulo to the highest point of the pass. After the first few meters, I am totally demotivated.

But there's a bright spot! In the truest sense of the word. Tear the clouds and the sun comes out! Wonderful! At once returns energy in the thing and I strample and strample and start's to enjoy. The higher I go, the more beautiful the landscape picture. After a while of deciduous forest in the coniferous forest goes and it starts more and more similar to see the lovely picture of the home.


So it goes for hours across uphill and eventually I arrived at almost 1700 metres. So 400 m missing me. Because rain clouds noticeable toward the front in the Valley. In addition, storm is announced for today. What am I going to do? I want to come in a thunderstorm.

While I go on, I am considering and notice a middle-aged lady who comes straight from their garden. I greet friendly and we start a conversation. Only we know quite how we should agree, but after a short time it turns out that she was formerly German teacher. What a luck! In the furthest corner of Georgia, I meet a German teacher! We quickly on the approaching rain clouds come to speak. She thinks that there is a hotel above on the pass, because this is a popular ski resort. That sounds good, but I have no chance to get up there in time.

The teacher wants to ensure that a ride me. It begins to hold every passing vehicle and to ask this favor. It forms a right little snake in front of her house. After a while, someone is then found. For 25 lari, two men agree on the pass to drive me, huh. They say so much, the fuel would cost up until there.

Due to the dark clouds, I come to the conclusion that these are well spent just under €10. We therefore invite my bike in a car. And what for one. The car, or better the jeep that looks like an old military jeep from Soviet times. Everything looks slightly antique for the spoiled Western eye.


After I said good-bye from the helpful teacher, here we go. The way to the pass is steep and rocky. I'm back on my seat and tossed, the engine roars and the smell of exhaust gases rising in my nose. But I enjoy it. Because it feels like an adventure. I must even downright chuckle when I think about that I just 4,000 kilometres from home, sit somewhere in Georgia, in an old Soviet military jeep, with people who I've only just met and become a ramped up a steep pass.


The driver takes everything quite casual. During the trip, he telephoned several times and also, when we come down so fast by the way, he can not bring calm. The funniest scene is when he begins phoning emotionally with the hands to the waving and his co-driver takes over.

The trip takes longer than I thought to the top. Once at the top, the hotel waiting for me then but. The two men put me there and I say goodbye to grateful. I get a room for 20 Levi. In the hotel are three hired present today and I'm the only guest. So all my welfare care. That's it. 😉 For dinner, there's still a warm soup, then it goes to bed. Even with two blankets, because it is really cold here. Here and there are even more snow a few days ago.

Date: 12. October 2015-13. October 2015

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