Four and a half months have passed since my departure. My pit stop in Dubai and Sri Lanka marks the halfway point of my trip. Let therefore a summary of the last 6800 km drag me. The trip changed me? I did what I was looking for?

Well then, let's get started.


On the one hand, this tour has changed me. The last weeks have been formative for spirit and personality. As I wrote in one of my first articles, it was initially difficult to leave everything behind me me. I felt much grief and heartache, leave not only all known at home as well, each time to go short term phenomena. My mind hung on my previous environment, friends and family, as well as to Unmittelbarerem as I felt particularly at home my past travelling companions or a place where.

In this area, there was a change. I can many things get better and let go, and go with the natural flow. A mind like water, it is said in the Zen. More and more, it is for me in this direction. This affects also on concepts and ideas. Continue times other than intended or something is not working as planned, get it now and I can often watch the emotions associated with their comings and goings.

On the other hand, there was also no change. It feel still all on as in the past himself, as before. Beneath the waves of the mind and personality is there anything else, what since eh and rests in its original state. The waves of this world seem to have nothing.


Many people believe, I think that particularly need to be determined on this tour that it is a challenge, that I can be proud of me. I would thus like to clean up. The first week the trip still physically tiring, was still mentally the first month. Is now commonplace, not anstrengender the whole, challenging or bewundernswerter as the weekly shopping at the supermarket. And so as I am not particularly proud of me to go shopping (or need a lot of courage to), I'm not even now.


So much to do so. But what did I find? Freedom? With nieces.

In my first article I wrote, I want to know, what is life and what is freedom. Now the illusion has me, I could do this by my bike trip, leave. Life is an always and always. And freedom is not to be found in the outside. Means to be able to go freedom wherever I want, or that do no longer, then for me to know what I like. Even if one this whole and completely possible would be, it would be still trapped. Caught in his own ideas in his ideas and ideals, ideologies, assertions, perspectives, prejudices and assumptions. And they grow or wane regardless of the odometer.

However, this does not mean that you can not be free. You must focus but from outside to inside. And this trip is much more subtle, but therefore not less exciting. Their range extends from moments in thoughtless silence moments where you don't know what's happening and do not know who does not know what is happening.

Furthermore, I've won the realization that even fortune not on such a trip is to find. Furthermore I was me but before that aware, now that's justified but also in my own experience.

I had the only thing I have found that even before, I. No matter where I go, I'm where I'm going wherever I find myself. The ego seems the only continuous flow of time.


Thus I conclude therefore, that here nothing is found, what not also already before that there was. There is nothing to add, nothing you could add nothing to gain. To find where to go themselves. One is free not by new. You are free, when you lose. When one loses his ideas about the world.


Note: I share from my current point of view. And he is on the move. What seems so today still as clear and correct, may prove to be maybe tomorrow as pure fiction and Utopia.


What do you think about the theme of freedom? Can we be free?


Edit: That doesn't mean that the travel is no fun! The opposite is the case, it's just different than initially thought.

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