On the day when I'm leaving Hamadan, I come first started around noon. I'm going out of town and follow for 30 km of motorway direction Esfahan until I'm finally turning on a smaller and quieter side street.

I'm not long on this road, there I get stopped by the driver of an old, white Skodas. The entertainment begins fairly normally, but when he hears that I am German, which changes abruptly and he begins to rave by Hitler. What a good man he yet – was a man of action who could enforce something to burn just like the Jews. I think I can't quite hear. Because up to this gentleman, hops and malt seems lost, I turn me back from him and went on my way.

For a while I'm still confused, but soon absorbed me the fascination with the surrounding landscape.

The Sun is already low and lit a mountain in front of me in the reddish light of the approaching evening. The mountain rises its rugged slopes of a broad plain in which to gently lift the slopes of the hills and lower. Lonely the road through this hilly Plains winds. So beautiful!


In the evening, it is then cold. Colder than I thought, and so will my plan to camp always unattractive. At the latest, crawls the cold in my limbs, to unattractive as me and I'm going to a small village nearby. Many of the houses seem to be abandoned, but on a slope a bit above, three kids ball play. When they notice the approaching strangers, their curiosity is piqued. Quickly, they approach me and start asking all kinds of questions. And when they realize that the stranger speaks no Farsi, they laugh about this all too funny, unknown tones, instead coming out of his mouth all the time.

After the children have discovered me, it not long takes, there are more people approaching. I this question, whether there is here a sheltered campsite is a small discussion, at the end they invite me into their house. Of course, I suppose the offer.

The House is a very traditional house with smooth, sand-colored exterior walls and courtyard. It is a large family home and with this I join me in the hot main room. While that's not exactly true. With the men of the family, I join me in the main room. The women come in only occasionally to bring tea and dinner later. Only after dinner, they sat down with us.


Of my today's hosts, no one speaks English, but the eldest son, fire and flame, to learn to at least a few things.

In the evening's then goes into a bedroom, where I sleep together with all other boys of the family. The older ones smoking some Hookah, I'm so tired that I fall asleep quickly.

I'm awake but then again at 6:00. In the main room I can still have breakfast, we make some farewell photos and I'm leaving.

Today, it's really nice. Overnight, the morning dew on the grass is frozen and so the ground glistens gloriously in the glow of the Sun. In the sky, almost no cloud is to discover. And for a start it goes downhill by the morning cold.


As my Valley then opens in a level, I show up once in dense fog. My view of clouds several kilometers to and from the dense soup cars appear veiled women, sheep and shepherds on donkeys. After a few hours, the fog thins out then and I get a view of the dusty level, which I just happen.


Around noon I meet the first time back on an anti-aircraft gun. Over the next half hour across them is increasing military presence then always and at its end, I am at a time next to a nuclear power plant.

A police patrol discovered me, stops next to me and asked for my passport. Then I must follow her. It goes to the nearest police station and there you go then. No one speaks English, so I can give them any answers. The boss begins to call wild around, again and again I hear Allmani and my name out. And what is still to do so, all look at me so pitifully. I did anything and am being punished? It takes an hour, and then a second. At some point, they look through my photos, but found nothing suspicious. I can finally go to end three hours. Three hours! My bike is invited into a car and we go along with three policemen and a prisoner. The prisoner is chained with handcuffs on one of the cops, but as really serious it does not occur me. We look past that first home at the prisoner and his mother is in the money and nuts, which he then distributed. Then it goes to the House of a police officer and there is warm milk with cookies.

A few kilometres behind the nuclear power plant I'll then unloaded. The police tell me I should still 30 km drive to Arak, the nearest major city. Just she is now even so at all not on my route and so I'm rather going to Shazand.

When I get there it is already dark. I drive up to the main square and put me out there naughty. I'm not about to be invited to free food and to get a place to sleep. I love to invite much more, that you so much candid to know country and people. The Iran comes so much closer.

Tonight, I spend the night then with a nice family man and his family. Later even more fans to do this and we have a great and fun time, although no one really understands English. The next morning, he would keep me even on the loved one to lunch there.

But I have to go and he accompanied me another piece on foot. After a few meters, we will promptly picked up by a police patrol. I have flew them to the police station, but this time the whole procedure only a half hour. Thank God.



Date: 3. November 2015 4. November 2015

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