Soon, I will drive around the world by bike. From Füssen in Bavaria, this tour will lead me to Bangkok in Thailand. But how?


I start in Europe, crossing the countries Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. At the Bosporus, I put my first step onto Asia.
From there I’ll my route will lead me to quite different, foreign countries. First to Turkey, then Iran and finally Dubai. The further I ride towards the South, the stronger the sun will burn on my back. This is the first section.
The second section in Asia begins with a flight to South India. I decided to skip Pakistan because there the current security situation prevents a transit. With India, one of the liveliest, most colorful and chaotic countries of this earth awaits me. But also one of the poorest. But anyway I am totaly excited to visit this country. I will drive through India from South to North, then through Myanmar and Thailand. Also, I am curious looking forward to the Buddhist culture and, as a vegan, also the many fruits.


I guess I will be eight to ten months on the road. I don’t know exactly, because this can vary pretty much.

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