It is  8:00 am, the air is still cool and the sun is shining already quite promising. In my mind, I go once again through my packing list and wonder if I forgot anything. I don’t think so. Then I wonder about what is yet to come. There are 15,000 km ahead of me:

  • 15,000 km distance
  • 15,000 sweat
  • 15,000 hard work
  • 15,000 fun
  • 15000 new experiences
  • 15,000 km of highlights, but also low points

On one hand, I’m excited to see what awaits me. On the other hand, I am also sad to leave everything familiar behind.

After five minutes, I arrive at the organic market Möller where I want to buy some food for the next 24 hours. Nico and Mike are already waiting for me, they will accompany me today. I am really happy about this. After my purchase, my bike weighs 50 kg. Actually this is way too much for my body weight.


The obligatory bananas can’t be missing. 😉

Then the three of us start our journey and we have a a lot of fun together. Every 20 minutes we take a break, because I think that I’ve forgotten something, somebody is hungry or we need to adjust a saddle…


Time just flies by and at 1:00 pm we arrive in Altenau, where we have lunch together. After lunchNico and Mike leave me to ride back home again.

Nico & MikeAbschied

Thanks you two, that you’ve accompanied me!

A bit sad to be alone I continue my trip. Quickly I reach Murnau and take a bath in the lake FroschHauser. Rarely, a cooling has felt so good.

In the late afternoon I become aware that my mobile phone’s navi does not know the difference between a mountain bike and a 50 kg heavy touring bike. It sends me up a mountain, then I ride down a trail, where I almost lose all my bags. Later in the evening, I am somewhere in the wilderness. I briefly consider and decide to pitch my tent in a small wooded area.


As I am just ready to fall asleep something four-legged approaches my tent. If this will be a restful night?

Date: 24. July 2015

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