I stay for two days in Vienna. During these two days three more warmshowers guests arrive:

  • Jochem and Roman two Dutchmen who are on thier way to Budapest. They are the first bicycle tourists of my age which I encounter.
  • And Chan, a Chinese who drove from Hong Kong to Vienna by bike. His route lead him from Tibet, Nepal, India through Iran and Turkey to Eastern Europe and Austria. To a large extent, this is my reverse route. And so I ask him of course a lot of questions and he showes me pictures of his tour. When we get to the pictures of Tibet, I’m almost a bit jealous. The land looks so amazing and beautiful. Unfortunately it is currently not allowed to travel freely in the country as a foreigner.

On my last day in Vienna Daniel, Chan and I sit down with three beers until late in the night. We are two world cyclists and one who wants to become one. Daniel’s world cycling tour lead him from Vienna through Eastern Europe via Turkey, Iran and the stan-countries to China and finally Vladivostok in 2014.


In addition to the fact that both are great sources of information for me I get along with them very well. That’s why I am almost somewhat sad as my departure arises the next morning.

But there are also some good news. For now I don’t have to ride alone. I have joined Jochem and Roman and together we drive towards Bratislava.


After ten kilometres we passe a nude beach. We hardly believe our eyes. How can someone build the well known Danube cycle path next to a nude beach? After a while, we realize that we went the wrong way. Now, two options remain:

  • All the nudity has distracted us from the right path.
  • We have went the wrong way before and the Danube cycle path passes a nudist beach.

Anyway we continue our travel on the right way. And with lots of fun. We drive up to Bratislava and finally reach Hungary. And there we have to split up again unfortunately. Jochem and Roman have booked a hotel room, I head 30 km further to the next campsite.


Bye guys! It what a pleasure riding with you.

What I’ve noticed significantly throughout the day: riding together is so much easier. I simply follow the group, talk to the people and do not constantly thinking about kilometers, speed or loneliness. And so it is no surprise that I finish with the largest daily mileage since the beginning of my tour.


Date: 04. August 2015-05. August 2015

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