About SamuelOnTour

Are you interested in traveling? In foreign countries, new experiences and adventures? With bicycle touring, you get all this! Bicycle touring is a slow form of traveling where you have enough time to experience foreign countries and cultures and can enjoy them. Still, traveling by bike is fast enough to explore the whole globe. It’s the mix of these two aspects that make bicycle touring to something very special. If you are interested, looking for tips or suggestions or want to keep track of my trip, this is your site!

About me:

At the age of 19, I’m one of the youngest bicycle tourists who ride around the world. Why do I have this freedom? Two years ago I went through a depression. When I began to understand it, my whole world view changed. I was left with more clarity, freedom and an interest in more profound topics. Since then I constantly develop myself further. My bike trip is a part of the process.

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